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FERRY TALE ENDING On a night when the rain was blowing sideways she watched him board . Hanging over the passenger staircase looking down at the parade of soaked humanity oozing out of  lifts clutching bedding, Cassie kept her jaded roving eye at high alert . She was a woman who holidayed alone watching people.  Listening  to snatches of conversation while she flirted with the  gypsy violinist and bought three cd’s from his pebble eyed child.   She stared at her fat freckled arms in the short blue blouse and sighed . Spain couldn’t come fast enough.  She ran past the cluster of crew to lock her cabin and once inside the small neat space quickly smoked half a cigarette. Unlike the majority of her colleagues whose cabins were strewn with toiletries and discarded uniforms, hers was visitor friendly. She  straightened the patchwork throw brought from home and folded down the page of her book .                                  At  the Bureau de change she waited for pound coins to be coun