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Shrink much?

When I was a child I thought I was as big as a Bishop.
A Country Man at a Mart in Enniscorthy complimented my Mother on her first born by saying -
"She's a fine lump of a child, Missus, God bless her!"
And I pressed my cheek to the window pane and  cried silently all the way home
What we were doing watching bullocks being auctioned by a man who appeared to be having a stroke is beyond me as we were and are Townies.
 - from a town of narrow grey streets and soaring spires, of railway sleepers and misty quays, of fizzle sticks and Super Sers, where houses smelt of bacon and cabbage,  Pledge and Vim, with candy striped sunshades on the doors for that one weekend in August when the paint might be ruined.
A time of 3 C's.
Confession. Communion. Céilís.
Ireland didn't do fat children in the 70's.
On one wage, with children to feed, dress and educate, cars to run - we were reared on Shepherds Pie,  Roast Chicken, Ham Salads, Trifles, Tins of USA Assorted, Bottles…