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Kidney Punch

Kidney Punch
Death is the baby that is born with us, and walks with us through a life.
it is the chink where the light comes in, a hairline crack in the giant Universe that allows us to ease our tiny souls in and out.
It is our shadow self.
I am telling the Matron that I subsist - when not fed by others - on a diet of caffeine, nicotine and chocolate, when I realize she is also telling ME something.
Listen to this says the small voice in my head and my eyes fill with tears as I hear her explain that Siobhán is being called home.
To be present, to be in THIS moment, I find that I am rhythmically punching myself softly in the right hand side of my lower back, again and again.
And as I notice I become aware that I am punching myself and so her words seem to come from a long way off, as if she is whispering through wet newspaper.
She has also noticed the punching.
It is impossible to stop. Her calm voice is a…