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Call to Awareness

Greetings from this rain soaked Emerald Isle where as I type the drops are splashing off the perspex skylight (circa 1970) and the condensation from dinner cooking is running down the "woodchip" walls  (Ditto). Mr O has left the building, county and possibly country chaperoning his errant 15 year old daughter back to Bonnie Scotland and school (Tomorrow!!) and the arms of his waiting (ex) wife . No doubt there will be words as she was due back ten days ago ............. at least . But then what do I know of teenagers, or he for that matter. Apart from the fact he was one when his first 2 children were born , and though the headcount of  his progeny has now raised to 5 , I fear he is still the gawky adolescent he may have been 20 years ago . Is it possible to be so emotionally traumatised by a divorce that one remains in stasis since the event, or is this dysfunctional, co-dependant, relationship something we have both manifested. ?? Him  -  because despite his handsome demean