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One morning you will find that it is 17 weeks later and you are googling images of an Alzheimers brain split down the middle. Your eyes will watch an autopsy on youtube . Your mind will try to process and retain the fact that a human brain resembles a bowl of cooked pasta bake that has been left in the back of a fridge - a heavy plate of cold ham on top -  and consequently it has formed a brawn of its own volition. Pressed Pigs Head. Pressed Head. Our Father who art in Wexford made it for us as children in Carne. Forcemeat. Your ears will hear the voiceover mention  that the weight of a healthy brain is approx 3 lbs. and that it feels like a jelly just about to set, firm but with a little give. Your mind will try to process and retain the fact  that what the Scientist is holding in his blue - gloved hands is the piece of pink meat that controls the entire body, the personality, the conscious and sub conscious. You will remember the theatre sister with a lisp anno