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God Grant Me .........................................

Dear People in The Arts Council , Further to my myriad of phone calls, and your insistance on a CV  - please find attached the abridged version of a Curriculim Vitae. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I got my first job in 1984. Well, the first one I am going to actually call a job, although   I had been working for slave wages   in the holidays for years, wrapping   hot greasy   potatoes in white paper saying salt & vinegar hun in a beach chipper,  for starving Dubs burnt to a crisp, buttering white bread and cutting it into 4 triangles to leave on the side of a fry on a blue striped plate for farmers before they went to the pub,   and boiling a piranha to death making a stinking   seafood chowder in the process, when I was in Colman Doyles   petshop.   He moved me to the hardware after that where I sold Paraglow heaters, filled 5 gallon tanks of the stinking par

Godwin Osaysomemore

The following is a screen shot of a private message received on a social networking site not entirely unlike facebook when I responded to a friend request.   Dec. 20 th   2013 @4.57 am Thanks March 4 th 6.42 am Hi Morn March 16 th Hi Hello March 20 th Hi Hello How are you   (Emoticon saying hi from me on March 24 th) Sup Nada Good morning You looking good girl.   Its morning alright, but it is mid night OK   Emoticon of a girl blowing bubbles around her head a nd very red cheeks. HOW ARE YOU DOING Fine and you OK AM OK ARE YOU MARRIED IM IN NIGERIA ND U St Patrick is the patron saint of both our countries ................ no clue ? Ireland OK DO YOU LIKE ME? DO YOU LIKE ME? DO You LIKE ME ?? Em how can i like you when we have not met or spoken . We each know nothing of the other ..........(said I as Jane Eyre. ) THAT’S TRUE But ACTUALLY I LIKE YOU OK My name is Godwin O

The Bath

      The Bath I had spotted the beautiful bath in a momentary superficial glance through an open door one day and as all the rooms are en suite, I pondered its function. At that time Siobhan was walking by my side, then linked, later it was on a walking aid, and then later still, a wheelchair. We would yet have to graduate to the Stephen Hawking recliner she lies sideways in now. The bath reminded me of its presence even when the door was closed. It called me from behind the wooden portal, promising benefits, and healing and therapy. I never forgot that it was there. Last week I passed it again and sought out a Nurse. “ Whose leg do you have to hump to get a go in that bath ?” She agreed to put my request in the report that the Matron oversees each morning. I was sitting with Little Thomasina when I got the call, and was both pleased and shocked, pleased at her speed in getting back to me, and shocked that I had to take the call with my Father

Piercy Shoes, Merry Lepper and the Mini -subtitled "The Tiny Long"

Stop wrecking me buzz - I KNOW it's just for men Violet Stewart Louisa Piercy was the first broad to run a timed 1926. She was running by accident. Due to a mix up in the paperwork, she had slipped through the net at the MEN only event She ran it in 3 hours 40 minutes and 22 seconds and this record would hold for 37 years until a woman who rejoiced in the unusual moniker of Merry Lepper   merrily lepped her way home in 3 hours 37 minutes and 7 seconds. I was not merrily lepping anywhere and felt I was on the bus by accident  myself. They collected me from home at sparrow fart and brought me to the hotel on the N25 where everyone with a pair of legs abandoned their cars. And then we got on the bus. Me, and the women who were taking this seriously and had actually prepared and trained for this day. As if .......... I had done none of the above. The only thing I had actually done was agree -  (in a state of madness)  - to participate, and t