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If I can make it there ..................

My Producer is on her way over to manhandle a procession of hard backed, soft fronted, wheeled and carry on cases into submission and bate the contents of a stage wardrobe, props, furniture and various sundries into all the above mentioned holdalls.  She will also have to explain as if to a Martian how to actually pack and what I can and cannot bring. It would appear that I am absolutely going to New York in a couple of days. Days??? Christ My mantra is do what you can from where you are when I am low. And obversely do it like you mean it when I am high. I don't know where I am right about now. Howya gettin' on eh? says a lad on the street with a fine row of false teeth top and bottom. He'd a head for pints and was veering at an obtuse angle towards an Undertakers in a Bullring for large bottles, staring out the window on a high stool, having the craic. Gluing a €2 coin on the ground to see how many will stop for it, and then mortified pretend to fasten t