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The one about the Book Review/ Guest Post

                              “ Scourged ” by Michelle Dooley Mahon                             A  Book Review by Richard Connolly   There are several worthy memoirs written by authors who have watched their loved ones suffer from Alzheimer’s, most notably: “ Elegy for Iris” by John Bailey and “ My Journey into Alzheimer’s Disease ” by Robert Davis. “ Scourged” by Michelle Dooley Mahon is another remarkable piece of work and documents her late mother Siobh├íns descent into Alzheimer’s. The book’s title cleverly plays on two meanings.  The “ Scourge ” is Alzheimer’s, but also it is an affectionate term that Siobhan uses when referring to her daughter throughout her life. An important aspect of Michelle’s writing, which separates it from other Alzheimer memoirs, is the unique artistry and configuration that underpins the text.  The juxtaposition of the author’s voice, in chapters beside her mothers, effectively creates a dissonance, reflecting the confused