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Marcie's Date with Destiny.

Interior : Living room of country cottage strewn with cushions, throws, bric a brac, candles and lit incense. 2 women are kneeling behind a couch and only their voices are heard. A man’s shadow is seen through the window tapping on the glass. Sherry: Stay down, Stay down I think he’s going. Marcie: Jesus I cant get any downer. Sherry: Did you close all the windows? Marcie: (Sighing) For the thousandth time YES, and I taped the letter box shut. The man taps again and again. There is a pause and then the sound of a car door closing and an engine starting. When the noise gets fainter 2 heads come up from behind the couch. Marcie: Christ on a crutch, that was close. Sherry: He’ll be back. Marcie: That it may stay fine for him. I’ll deal with him when I’m able. Help me up will you? Marcie and Sherry emerge from behind the couch.  One is huge and one tiny.  The huge one Marcie is rubbing her knees and stretching her back. Marcie : Fish Oils how are you............. Sherry: My nerves are in tatters. M…

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