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Mouth Piece

"How did you get on with your man"
says she at the kitchen table - rolling a cigarette -
this woman who has minded and held and picked up after for me for 48 hours.
She is referring to a gentleman caller I had the evening before.
"Grand" says I and allude to the fact that I am alternately numb or high,
and that he probably wanted to see for himself whether I was falling around the roads or ready to hurl myself over the quay.
I am neither.
I tell her that he said to keep going,
no matter what, 
and to keep writing.........
 as I am her voice.
Her voice.
I am trying to put a hundred things in a bag,
so I can finally leave the building,
spinning in a circle in the permanently dark kitchen,
wondering where the hell anything is in this ship of a house.
It's a big ask - I tell her - finding the phone charger with the tiny teeth marks in the socket.
How much more can I write? I ask.
Can I tell the absolute truth about this?
I am high and speeding,
still racing on the adrenalin …