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Song Song Blue

A Tax man with a hairy face who keeps bees for the crack insisted I write and sing a song with him in the Sailing Cot talent contest.
  Because there was a big cash prize half the town entered and the other half turned up to heckle them.
I took a look at the braying throng and got the fear.

Jazus says Bridget the Midget as she saw me holding myself up in a wakeness at the toilet sink having a whitey, wait till I get you a Hennessy.
The song was called kajoma and sounded passable in the kitchen of the An Ă“ige hostel I was running in the Harbour, when they had left the gate open by an accident and I had got  back in AGAIN.
The hirsute guitarist hit the opening notes on his guitar and then gave me a 4 bar intro,
 and when I didn’t start singing,
 gave me 8,
 then 16,
 then whispered ......for the love of fuck come on.

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