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Ranting downtown I almost took out an entire Terrace with 2 rashers. I thought it may behove me to batten down and do some actual  writing for the Spiegaltent Show, instead of wandering the streets engaging random passers by in idle chit chat -  Before the week of the show dawns and I am found wandering in an unkempt disheveled state,  ranting and weeping and gnashing of teeth. To that end, I removed myself from caf├ęs and charity shops and went home to work. First, I had to check that the tiny  yorkshire terrier puppy had not fallen into a tray of emulsion paint -  - (yep - 2 things you should maybe not decide to do before you work is get another new dog,     and decide to paint the house) - or been savaged to death by the murderously jealous needy Chihuahua who is the animal equivalent of me. Walter & Ernie were lying on cushions in the yard like Lord's Bastards, in a patch of late sunlight, surrounded by chicken breasts, dog nuts, raw hide shoes, chews