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No Wonder I'm Tired. (A life in the week of a Scourge) .....with pictures

I turn up 3 hours early on one day and not at all on another Scourged in the Festival Window Exhaling  And so it begins  Would you just mind looking at the spelling though ? Signing Scourge And so IT begins Collapses against galvanised for divine inspiration  Finds it in best. present.ever. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams - a Poets feet at Yeats at the Fringe Spring forward, Fall back. My Father, at the Launch, finally.  What I would love to be doing instead Gnome Sayin'  Everything's a photo opp  Opera Street Scourge chillin' Dog walking  Meeting the Pope at a Friary  It began with Mojitos and ended in whiskey sours  This knife wouldn't cut butter  Send someone for ice ....... and mint leaves 

Laundry Day

Not the actual laundry For  20 weeks the Guards had been tailing John Duffy. The 55 year old had unknowingly been under surveillance as he drove in and out of the yard, or went to the shop, unmarked cars tailing him, lads sitting outside the farm when he was inside watching the news, or chawing the fat off a chop. Or wondering what he would do with the one and a half million euro he had buried in a field outside. Duffy, of Ballynanty Beg, had been inside before in 2000 -  for having drugs for sale - but this time a van load of men dropped the money over to him and told him to hide it fairly lively or there would be mucking furders.  Previously, he had worked as a chauffeur and could valet a car as quick as a horse could trot. It may have been a mistake to rent a large container and connect an ESB supply to it. Ditto the humping of an electric tumble drier across the yard and up the step while the plain clothes boys on stakeout wiped the brown sauce from breakfa